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Why are your muscles sore after training?

This soreness is known as delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and normally appears 24-48 hours after strenuous or unaccustomed exercise. You might also notice a loss of range of motion in the joints of the affected limb(s). Even if you have been training for years, when we add new exercises in or change the structure of the session, this is unaccustomed to your muscles and so may lead to DOMS.

DOMS is not something to worry about and is perfectly safe. The good news is that when you do the same workout a second time you are not likely to experience the same level of soreness, so don’t let that first bout put you off!

Over the years many explanations have been given for DOMS, including a buildup of lactic acid, muscle spasms, inflammation, and micro tears of muscle and connective tissue. There is a lot of research for and against different explanations, and at the moment there isn’t a certain answer – it may well be a combination of a few factors. Eccentric contractions have been found to increase the risk of developing DOMS, so you may find you are more sore after doing eccentric pull ups (jumping up and lowering down) or push ups (lowering down to the floor).

Just like there are lots of explanations given for what DOMS is caused by, there are lots of myths about what can be done to treat or lessen it. Many think massages can help, but there is no concrete evidence behind this. Equally Epsom salts and stretching (before or after exercise) have little evidence proving that they relieve DOMS, and more evidence that they do nothing to help. There are a few things that show some promise, but again are no where near proven as a treatment. These include vitamin D, curcumin, and heat (which is why you may feel better after an Epsom salt bath). All this being said, if something makes you feel more comfortable then DO IT! It doesn’t matter if it’s not a scientifically proven treatment for DOMS, it may relieve other symptoms that are bothering you and that’s great too.

In summary, DOMS is something that is you are pretty much guaranteed to experience at some point in your training, and as annoying as it can be, it is just something you have to get on with! Just remember, the next time you train that session you shouldn’t have that same painful reaction, so don’t shy away from that session.

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Weight training has so many benefits especially for women. In my experience as a trainer for over 10 years, this is what I see happens when my new female clients start doing resistance training

  1. They become stronger and more confident
  2. They start to find muscles they never knew existed and tune into themselves a bit more
  3. Their Posture improves
  4. They lose weight
  5. Their shape starts to change and they become more toned
  6. They are constantly surprising themselves with what they can do in training – this applies to anything from doing push ups, pulling a sled and lifting barbells off the ground.
  7. Under the right supervision and correct training my clients are amazed at what their bodies can do. More often than not my female clients are stronger than they think!
  8. They are more flexible and have less aches and pains – A great 10-15 min movement and stretch preparation before training will help increase flexibility and reinforce good technique when training
  9. Improved quality of life, the ability to get through the day with energy left to enjoy other things in life


The common myth around why women avoid weight training is that they don’t want to get too big or look bulky, therefore they opt for cardio training instead as a way of trying to lose weight. There are a growing number of women who are now reaping the benefits of switching to resistance training.

Research suggests weight training can slow down the aging process, helps to build muscle mass, can help in blood sugar regulation, helps prevent osteoporosis and increases energy expenditure.

What stops women I train from starting a weight/circuit program is –

  1. Feelings of looking silly and out of place in the gym
  2. Not knowing where to start
  3. Not knowing what they need to do
  4. Not having someone there to show them
  5. Having to do it alone


At Fitness Hub 21 our clients don’t necessarily have a history of training, they simply want to be fit and healthy as they age, have a stronger core, and in some cases lose weight.

Our gym provides the ideal environment for anyone to keep fit – it’s boutique, private and welcoming. What’s more is that the training sessions are fun!

We support each other and share in our individual improvements.

To get started on our 30 day trial contact Lisa