Fitness Hub 21 was born out of a desire to help you reconnect with your own health and fitness, and to help people who have struggled to achieve results in normal gym settings. We wanted to make personal training more accessible for you and put the emphasis on long term health and fitness, rather than a quick fix.

We want to help you change the way you see exercise, to help you discover how to change your habits, and to build a lifestyle that leads to greater health, better movement, and improved strength and fitness levels.

We want you to get the most out of life, to feel comfortable in your own skin and to be happy – and we are sure you want those things as well!

About Us

Because of this vision, we have created a space that inspires you to achieve more. We believe you are capable of more than you think and we’ll inspire you to work hard so that you start to believe it too.

Our gym community is founded on acceptance, encouragement and hard work, in an environment with high standards and an attitude of excellence in everything we do.

At fitness hub 21 you are welcomed and supported by both members and coaches and leave feeling like you belong here and you look forward to coming back. We ensure you will be challenged to train hard and change; but also have fun and enjoy the process.

We are a gym that is focused on your goals and results, providing great coaching and a unique experience due to our small group set up. We understand you and seek to help you get what you’re after through continual support and communication.

We start where you’re at and equip you with what you need to transform yourself into a healthier, fitter and stronger version of you.

We are a gym focused on you.

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