We are no ordinary gym.
Feel inspired to be the best version of you.
We are results-focused. We are your fitness family.

Find out more about our 28 Day Challenge

Why choose Fitness Hub 21?

Your goals drive everything we do – and you can test drive our methods with our 28 day Challenge and see if we are the right fit.  We welcome, support and champion you as we work together to reach the goals you never thought you could.

We inspire you to reach for those dreams you’ve kept on the shelf. Now is the time to get moving. We equip you with the skills and support to get it done. And we empower you to take the steering wheel of your own transformation.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry, so you will have access to a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to draw on.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire you to want to stay fit throughout all the stages of your life by creating an inclusive and welcoming gym community. We feel passionate about the difference great fitness training can make to your life. We want to challenge your perception of fitness and health. Keeping fit is not a luxury, it’s an essential part of life.

Our Values

Be honest and transparent

Serious about results


Have fun and enjoy the journey


Aim to be 1% better every day

Lead by example

Everything at Fitness Hub 21 has been designed with you in mind:

We want to make fitness easy to follow and accessible for you. We work hard to make sure what we do provides variety so each session is a fun adventure. We also want you to laugh and smile a lot and, if you’re committed and work hard, produce the results you want.

Your results our way

We understand that everyone’s goals are different so our sessions cater for this:
Our Small Group Personal Training model means that you never have to struggle through a session alone. We use structured and varied session plans that have been designed just for you.

We also offer a specifically designed hybrid model of training – gym, online and on demand training to give you more flexibility to train around your lifestyle.

Small Group PT

We believe that fitness should be:

Results based

Training and challenging you to achieve the results you want long term.

Focused on you

YOU are the reason we exist.


We’re a supportive community of people just like you.

Life changing

Exercise is more than just 3 hours a week in the gym. Health and fitness essential for improving and having a more enjoyable life.

We want you to excel and succeed in every session and our desire is to provide a framework for this to happen. We make fitness simple, effective and fun for you and our dedicated coaches aim to inspire, motivate and champion you to reach your goals.

We offer a unique boutique fitness experience in our private gym. It really does feel like a fitness family!

Find out more about our 28 Day Challenge

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