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This may be hard to hear for some, but at some point when it comes to really needing or wanting to lose weight we have to grow up and take responsibility in order to move forward.


We need to be accountable for our own journey.


Whether that journey has led you to gain weight and become unfit or if it’s led you to taking control and losing weight and improving your health – your responsible.


We have to stop making excuses for why we can’t lose weight and be healthy.

And look for reasons why we can’t afford not to!!


We need to accept responsibility for gaining weight and stop playing the blame game as it doesn’t actually help us lose weight – blaming everyone and everything for our current situation offers no solutions and makes everyone miserable.

We have to start finding solutions – reasons to change, and act on it.


Search your soul and start writing down reasons to lose weight and get fit

If nothing changes and you didn’t lose weight or become stronger or fitter what is good about that? and what is bad staying as you are and not changing?


If the reasons to stay the same are greater than the reason to change – we won’t change.

No amount of complaining will make us lose weight – we need to get to the point where staying the same is more painful than changing.

Then we are ready to grow and move forward – lose weight, get fit and change our whole life for the better


Think about what you want to do to lose weight and be healthy?

Come up with your own solutions to your problems – why hasn’t it worked in the past, what can I do different – think of an alternative solution that will work, instead of resigning yourself to the excuse that nothing works, I can’t lose weight.


We do monthly reviews with our members to keep them on track and provide support constantly.


They learn to own their own journey but share it with others.

We offer solutions to their problems – provide the tools needed when it comes to meal prep, what they should eat more of or less of, how they should train, whatever they need to be successful but we can’t do it for them.


Its time to be a grown up and take responsibility for where your going and where you are now.

It’s the first step towards being successful in your health and fitness goals.


Contact us if you want to chat about planning for your success so this time you actually stick to it.