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Green Pea Fusilli Pasta Bake

Healthy and tasty

Green pea fusilli pasta bake



A really simple and healthy way to feed the family.
I used a split 
pea pasta which I like but you can use normal pasta as well if you prefer

2 x courgette
2 x peppers
250g mushrooms
1/4 celeriac
3 cloves garlic
1kg beef mince
2 tsp smoked paprika (optional)
Salt and pepper for the mince
1 jar roasted red peppers (370g drained)
300g green pea fusilli uncooked measure
200g cheddar cheese grated


Chop the veg to your liking
Cook the mushrooms and onion first, then add the peppers after 5 mins, then add broccoli and courgettes
Put it in a bowl once cooked

Brown off the beef mince add salt and pepper to taste as well as smoked paprika

Cook the pasta most of the way. Drain it and wash it off

Add the ingredients together in a large bowl
Drain and blitz up the red peppers to make a sauce. Add water and replace the lid, shake it and add to the mix

Mix it all together
Put it in a very large tray
Add cheese to your liking

Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 mins

You can use whatever vegetables you like. If you have fussy kids blitz the vegetables up and add it to the sauce

This serves 8-10 portions. Depends how hungry you are

Divided by 9 meals
per portion equals
Calories 460
Carbs 36.5g
Protein 35.5g
Fat 17g

You can substitute with chicken mince which would bring calories down around 410-460 per meal
If you don’t eat meat. Add more vegetables