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To get long term results from exercise you at first have to enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter how good your programme is, how amazing the equipment is, how much you lift etc

What matters is are you enjoying it enough to stick with it.

When you find a place, you feel welcomed.

Training takes on a new meaning.

It becomes part of your day to day life.

You start to make it a priority – you build a routine – that breeds consistency.

Then you start to see and feel the benefits of what you’re doing.

Then you start to see results.


Of course; in the long term it does matter that you have great coaches to guide you.

A facility that is equipped to see you progress.

A training programme that is built around your goals.

The luxury of not having to wait for equipment.

Set sessions so you know when you’re going to train.


This only makes it easier to stay and increases the results you will achieve as there is structure, a plan and a way forward.

You are supported from the start and have continual support when you need it.


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