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how to stop eating crap food



So, you’re trying to stick to a routine, done your workouts, working from home and trying to keep yourself busy – Fantastic!!!! But you find yourself snacking more and ‘grazing’ on sugary and salty snacks throughout the day. Well you’re not alone. Everyone experiences emotional eating at some point, but this will be even more prevalent now due to self-isolation.


There could be a number of triggers ranging from; boredom, lack of concentration, anxiety, panic, and anger. The trick is to understand your trigger and find activities at home to combat them without using food as a coping mechanism.

If you’re feeling the urge to snack then try and opt for a mentally challenging activity like a crossword, sudoku, scrabble. Play a board game, twister, charades or get the cards out and play silly games like snap. The interaction with family members will be fun and take your mind off eating. Call a friend for a chat or read a book. Maybe start up an old hobby you haven’t done for a while like knitting or drawing. Slip into a relaxing bath and meditate.

Avoid buying large amounts of crisps, biscuits, chocolate and ice-cream. Instead replace them with healthier whole foods to graze on. Get baking there are so many healthy recipes for mini snacks that will trick your brain into thinking it’s having a chocolate muffin, but actually you’re eating a low fat brownie alternative that you’ve cooked yourself from scratch.

Plan the times you eat your meals and include plenty of vegetables and high protein foods as they keep you fuller for longer, leaving less room for junk food. If you’re feeling the urge to snack drink some water first then wait 10mins. Often hunger pangs are mistaken for the need to hydrate. If you’re working at a desk, take regular breaks to re-stimulate your brain. Low concentration levels often lead to reaching for the doughnuts. Brush your teeth after your evening meal and get you pj’s on. You’re more likely to not snack because you feel more ready to go to bed.

One last thing. Try and have a healthy perception of food and put the food you eat into two categories. Foods you eat on a daily basis, and foods you don’t eat that often. That way if and when you do reach for the treat tin you won’t beat yourself up with guilt.

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mental health

I think we can all agree that the current situation we are experiencing globally has been strange, scary and unpredictable. Whilst society has been advised to self-isolate it is vital that we focus even more on our mental health and wellbeing. There are certain things we can do to maintain our health whilst in lockdown.

  1. Plan your day – Having a regular routine gives people purpose, structure and something to look forward to. As tempting as it is to stay in your PJ’s all day try and stick to the time you would usually get up and go.
  2. Stay active – Being active is great for mental health. It reduces stress, aides better sleep patterns, motivates you, keeps you healthy and makes you feel good.
  3. Meditate – Relaxing your mind can improve your mental health and transmit positive feelings. Set aside some time during your day to experiment with different meditation and breathing exercises. This will be an excellent way to clear your mind especially if you are working from home.
  4. Stay connected – Not having the social contact you would normally have can have a detrimental affect on your wellbeing. Especially if you are living on your own. Try staying in contact with loved ones, work colleagues or friends by using video platforms such as Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Sending text messages or other social media messages is also a great way of keeping in touch.
  5. Sleep – Having a good sleep pattern is also key to mental health. Try to get as much natural light as possible by keeping your windows and curtains open. Sit in garden if you’re able. The body needs to differentiate between night and day. Also try to go to sleep at the time you would normally do and avoid mental stimulation an hour before bed. So, no laptops, phone, or computer games.

Lastly if you know anyone who usually struggles with their mental health, check in on them by giving them a call, text etc to show they still have a support network.

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Are you still on track?



How are you tracking so far???


1/12th of the year has passed – just like that it’s February.


How are you tracking with those New Year resolutions??


Hopefully you remember what they are.


If you’re on track and motivated – fantastic. Keep up the good work.


If you need to start again – then do just that, put it behind you and keep moving forward.


No one said it would be easy, but it will be worth it.

Work hard, be consistent, stay focused and do it with a smile on your face.


No matter how many times you fail, just keep getting up and moving forward.

I have always learnt more from the times I failed than the times it all went my way.


Are you lacking motivation?

Here are a few ways you can help increase your motivation to reach a goal.


Give yourself a reward.

Ask a friend to go with you.

Create reasons why you will succeed.

Have a bigger vision.

Find a way to achieve your goal that makes you happy.

Own your own goal – be accountable to yourself.

Find others who can support you.


Ultimately your desire to change has to be greater than your desire to stay the same.

Motivation is never constant – sometimes you need to ask yourself the question…..



What do I want more to lose weight or to eat what I want?

What do I want more to watch tv every night or sacrifice (or invest) an hour to go to the gym?

What do I want more monthly spending on stuff I don’t really need or using that money as an investment into my health by getting a trainer or joining a Small Group PT Gym?


If you’re constantly struggling to get started and have no motivation then maybe you just don’t want it enough….or maybe you need to try something different to motivate yourself.


Admitting that you can’t do it on your own and that maybe a coach would help isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually a step forward. If you can’t stay motivated doing it on your own but you can when surrounded by others and great coaches than do just that.


If you don’t know where to start as its all too overwhelming then contact us at Fitness Hub 21 – or phone 07923471006.

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fat loss, optimal health, sleep for fat loss

Many of us underestimate the benefit of a good night’s sleep.

We seem to think we can function on 5 hours a night then back it up with a full day of work, week in and week out.

We ask so much of our bodies the least we could do is make sure we get adequate rest and recovery, so we stay healthy and functioning at our best.


Some quick tips on how you can improve your sleep without tablets.

  1. Increase your exposure to bright light during the day– enjoy natural sunlight, it will improve energy, and the quality and quantity of your sleep.


  1. Don’t consume caffeine too late in the day– having caffeine too late in the day can stop you sleeping at night. Aim to have your last coffee in the early afternoon not after 3pm to help improve your sleep.


  1. Decrease your exposure to blue lights in the evening– too much light at night can reduce your melatonin levels, making it harder to get to sleep. Avoid using your phone, laptop and iPad at night. Or install an app that reduces blue light exposure.


  1. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time each day– Irregular sleeping patterns can result in poor sleep. For better long-term sleep, be consistent in when you go to bed and get up, this will help your natural circadian rhythm.


  1. Consider supplements that may help

Melatonin – produced naturally by the body. It helps you fall asleep faster with no nasty side effects. Useful to    combat jet lag as well.

Magnesium – can be taken orally or you can have an Epsom salt bath.

Valerian root – may help you fall asleep faster as well.


  1. Change your bedroom set up– things like temperature, noise and external lights can affect sleep. Use blackout blinds to make the room like a cave. Get rid of external lights from alarm clocks and televisions. Try to reduce noise as much as you can. Use on old fashioned alarm clock and leave your phone in another room, turn off your Wi-Fi as well.


  1. Eat carbs at night– adding carbs to your evening meal can help promote better sleep.


  1. Try to chill out and relax in the evening– take an Epsom salt bath (the magnesium helps promote good sleep), read a book, listen to music, have a massage, do some stretching.


  1. Avoid drinking too much alcoholas it can interrupt your sleep.


  1. Make sure you have a good mattress and pillow– There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep because your mattress is old, and your pillow is lumpy. Investing in these things can also help with reducing back, neck and shoulder pain and help promote a better night’s rest.


  1. Exercise regularly– Getting into regular exercise can help promote better sleep and health overall, although training late at night can leave you wired and stop you from falling asleep.




Well if weight loss is your goal, better sleep helps you lose weight, stay healthier and decreases carb cravings.


Poor sleep –

Can lead you to you feeling hungrier than normal.

Can lead to you eating more than you normally would.

Can cause you to crave higher calorie and food.

Leaves you less energetic and reduces your overall energy expenditure.

Combine less movement with more food and you can see why losing weight is such a battle.


Something to think about

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fat loss, weight loss, fitness, strength, fitness journey


 After a period of not training I came in and threw myself back into it. After only a few weeks of not training consistently I was left sore and very stiff in my muscles. I wasn’t surprised but it got me thinking about how daunting it is to start exercising again after a long period off; or for some the challenge of starting for the first time.


The first steps to getting back into fitness whether it be to lose weight or just get fit and strong can seem like the hardest.

Thinking about exercise and ways to reach your goals is a great start but at some point, we have to action it and get going.


Don’t fear the first step and don’t put it off because you don’t feel fit enough or experienced enough.

This is the best time of year to break though the barriers that have held you back.

The start of a new year is a chance to start fresh.


You don’t have to have all the answers.

You don’t have to have it all together.

You just need to be willing to start and motivated to turn up.

You don’t have to overhaul everything to get results, you just need to make a few key changes that fit in and around your life and be consistent at those.


We provide you with a framework that fits your life.

We support you every step of the way and are always available to review your progress and chart a course that you can follow.


It all starts with Day 1


Just get going and start heading in a direction that will see you succeed.


To get started on our 30 day trial Contact Lisa

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fat loss, weight loss, fitness, small group pt, personal training


To get long term results from exercise you at first have to enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter how good your programme is, how amazing the equipment is, how much you lift etc

What matters is are you enjoying it enough to stick with it.

When you find a place, you feel welcomed.

Training takes on a new meaning.

It becomes part of your day to day life.

You start to make it a priority – you build a routine – that breeds consistency.

Then you start to see and feel the benefits of what you’re doing.

Then you start to see results.


Of course; in the long term it does matter that you have great coaches to guide you.

A facility that is equipped to see you progress.

A training programme that is built around your goals.

The luxury of not having to wait for equipment.

Set sessions so you know when you’re going to train.


This only makes it easier to stay and increases the results you will achieve as there is structure, a plan and a way forward.

You are supported from the start and have continual support when you need it.


Contact Lisa to Sign up for our 30 day trial



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fat loss, weight loss



If you are ever looking for a reason to get a bit healthier, lose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter then start by doing It for yourself.


We can have things that motivate us externally to exercise but we also need an internal drive that gives reason as to why you have chosen to change your lifestyle and put health and fitness high up on your list of priorities.


You may do it for your family – so you can be healthier to make life special.

You may do it as part of a work group or a challenge that’s in the office or with friends as a bit of fun.

You may do it for a summer holiday.


These are good motivators to get you going but at the end of it you need to have an inner drive that says I am doing this for me.

Time invested in yourself to improve your health is invaluable.

You can’t help others if you’re always the one that needs help, or if you’re not fit enough, or your health isn’t the best.


What you get out of life when you make fitness part of it is huge.

You feel empowered and physically stronger.

Your mentally tougher.

You have more energy.

You sleep better.

Your quality of life is improved.


You feel more mentally ready to reach for bigger goals.

You understand that results take time and planning.


No one can do it for you, but they can support you along the way and enable you to continue on your journey.

Not only you will benefit but also those you share your life with.


CONTACT – Lisa to sign up for our 30 day trial

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healthy recipes, optimal health, overnight oats

OVERNIGHT OATS – Banana, Strawberry and Vanilla

This is a great breakfast alternative that you can prepare the night before and take with you to work. You can create different flavours depending on what you like and create variety so you don’t get bored.
You can use any jar or nutri bullet cup with lid so they are easily portable.

To make these all you have to do is mix the ingredients the night before, shake them up and leave them overnight; ready for the morning


½ cup jumbo oats (50g roughly)
½ cup almond milk or alternative (100mls oat milk, the rest water to make ½ cup)
1 small ripe banana (75g roughly)
50g chopped strawberries
1 Tbsp milled flaxseed (7g roughly)
¼ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp nutmeg
¼ tsp vanilla bean paste
20g chopped walnuts (optional)


Add all the ingredients into a jar or container – shake them all together then put them in the fridge.
You can add the walnuts the next day if you like.

Add more almond milk if you desire in the morning


TOTAL 368 kcals (no walnuts)
Carbs 70g
Fat 7g
Protein 9g

You can also add a scoop of protein powder to make it more filling

TOTAL 485kcals
Carbs 72g
Fat 9g
Protein 34g

You can lower the calories but replacing the banana with raspberries or blueberries.


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personal training, Winchmore hill, lose weight, fat loss, exercises



Not every session is meant to kill you. We think that by punishing ourselves in the gym we will get quicker results. You can do too much interval training.
You can burn yourself out and over train which will stop you achieving your goals, increase your risk of injury and set you back.

It all depends on your goal, level of energy and what is going on in your life. You need to vary your training and build on different areas such as strength, mobility, coordination, strength endurance and general fitness.

We aim to offer a variety of training that provides a balance between high intensity, mobility work, weight training for strength and just fun movements and exercises.
To achieve the long-term goal, you need a program that considers what you need each session and in each season.
How often and hard you train all comes down to how well you recover.
You also have to be aware of your goals, current life situation and what you can handle physically.





You need to keep your training in line with your goals – if it’s an extreme transformation you want then yes you will have to train more and put in more effort than those who just want to lose a bit of weight and feel better in themselves.
You also have to ask yourself are you ready to do that – is your life in balance to allow for such a huge undertaking or will you end of burning yourself out in pursuit of a goal that your lifestyle at present can’t sustain.
You need to look at what is realistic for you and go from there. If you can only fit in 3 sessions a week then that’s all you can do. You just have to make every session count and adjust your goal to fit into what you can do (make it more realistic).



HIIT sessions are great fun but will take you longer to recover from. Instead of training 4 x a week HIIT; break up your training and do all body weights training 2 days a week and 2 days a week HIIT training.
You could also train every other day, which gives you a day’s rest in between in which you can recover.
You could also do an 8-12 week intensive programme then scale it back to allow the body and mind to recover. These are a great way to focus towards a short-term goal.



The older your training age the greater your work capacity and ability to recover from exercise. If your new to training, then you need to see how you feel after a session and see how long it takes you to recover before training again. As you get fitter, stronger and your training age increases you will be able to work at a higher rate and recover quicker.
Be sensitive to what your body is saying and be sensible when it comes to how often you train.



You need to factor in your nutrition, sleep, workload and day to day life
Sleep is so important not only for weight loss and muscle gain but also for optimal health. Sleep is what will get you the results from all your hard work.
Sleep is under rated and Is a low priority for many, but lack of sleep could be setting you back from seeing the results you’re after.

What you eat and how you fuel your body will also drive your training sessions and day to day life. If your diet is bad, then how can you expect your body to respond and give you it’s best when your food intake is substandard.

Work life balance – If work is busy and stressful then it can affect your energy for training. Try to be aware of any upcoming deadlines or an increase is work hours and scale back your training accordingly, so you can still get the most out of it without wearing yourself down.

Look out for signs and symptoms such as always tired after training and a plateau in results. These are red flags that you’re not recovering from your sessions and heading down the path of over training.
Take a week out and rest, it might be what you need to start seeing results again.



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fat loss



You can’t move forward in life by continually looking over your shoulder.

What has happened is gone – you need to shift your focus and concentrate on where you are now.

It doesn’t matter that –

You may have had some bad experiences with other gyms or coaches that turned you off exercise.

You may have a bad relationship with food in the past.

You are looking to get back into training 10 years after having kids.

You may be in a hole and unable to get out and on with your life.


Let go of the guilt and anger and focus on what matters.


What matters is now and what you are going to do about it.


Fat loss aside you need to shift your focus and focus on investing in yourself.

Rediscover who you are, find your passion for life, your energy and get back that desire to want to improve.


Health is a journey that starts with the desire to improve yourself.

You don’t have to have all the answers to start, or be perfect.

You just need the will and want to move forward and get yourself out of the position or situation you find yourself in.


No one can do it for you – but the after effects of you actioning it will effect everyone around you in a positive way.


Take it one day at a time.

Set daily tasks that you know you can achieve.

Be accountable to yourself and start to believe in your own ability to take control of your health.

Get up and get moving.

Take responsibility of where you are now and do something about it.

Be kind to yourself and don’t judge yourself so harshly.

If your food goes off for a day, it doesn’t really matter – you learn from it and make better choices next time.

You may not feel like training but go anyway – exercise will change your mood, lift you up and take you one step closer to where you want to be.


It’s a process – a journey – you learn from your mistakes and grow into a better version of who you are.


We need to stop kidding ourselves and realise –

There are no quick fixes – results take time.

Real results take effort and hard work – consistency is key.

No one can do it for you.

You are responsible for you.

That it all comes down to what you do with your body and what you put in your mouth.



Over time you need to develop healthier habits to sustain you.

You need to be accountable to yourself and stop blaming others.

You need to watch what you eat and how many calories you eat.

You need to start moving and exercising especially as you age.


So less talk, more action.

Take the first step – move forward – stop looking behind you and realise the best is yet to come.


Start today – contact Lisa to book a consultation to learn more about our 30 day Kickstart programme. – designed to get you back into exercise and on your way to a healthy and leaner you.


You are worth it!!