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We are all busy and struggle to find the time to do the things we want or need.

There will be times we need to prioritise our schedule to set us up for the results we want.


We all say we don’t have time to prep food.

We don’t have time to train.

We are just too busy.


In reality if we looked hard enough there are always pockets of time we can free up, that we can use to set us up for victory in the pursuit of weight loss and optimal health.


Our number one healthy habit is plan your meals!!


It’s something that we encourage clients to do on a daily basis as it’s so important in their weight loss journey and in the maintenance of any results achieved long term.


Getting into the practice of planning ahead will reduce your stress levels as you know what your eating, it will give you freedom and you won’t have to worry about going off track as everything is prepared ahead of time.

This will lead to more consistent weight loss and allow you to enjoy the journey more, it will leave you more motivated and in control.


Just lately a few of our members have made the effort to prep their food and plan ahead. The result is less stress for them, following the meal plan set for them and they are losing weight.


Here is what Teresa had to say about planning and prepping meals ahead of time –


This has been the biggest factor to staying on track with healthy eating throughout the week. I started off by thinking about some foods or meals that I like, then finding some healthy recipes or using some of the suggestions Lisa has posted on the FB page and then spent some time cooking, instead of sitting on the sofa watching tv!


I have prepared soups, vegetable curries & chilli’s and pea fusilli pasta bakes, portioned them up and popped them in the freezer, ready to grab and go during the week.  


The real big win for me is not having to spend time each day wondering what to eat, or defaulting to buying sandwiches and crisps on the go.

I grab a soup for lunch time, choose evening meal and all I have to do is ‘heat and eat’!


Planning and prepping has taken away the stress of trying to stay on track and I’ve stopped constantly thinking about food, yay!!


Great results don’t just happen


You need to structure your success by doing the right things daily – planning your meals, finding time to train, getting good sleep etc