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The hardest part of the year to be trying to lose weight is the 2 weeks from Christmas to New Year. It’s getting colder, the days are shorter, you crave stodgy warm food and leaving the house to exercise seems like the hardest thing to do.


Add to that Christmas Parties and celebration drinks after work. The meal you eat Christmas day and the rest…. The New Year’s Eve celebrations and pretty soon your gaining weight not losing it. You feel depressed that you failed and indulged in things you wouldn’t normally do, you feel fat, lethargic and not motivated to move.




It doesn’t have to be that way. I am not saying you should be counting calories on Christmas day and that you can’t drink and enjoy yourself. I think being able to enjoy ourselves socially without guilt is so important for our emotional and spiritual health. What I am saying is that you can navigate this season well and come out of it still on track and motivated to keep going.


If you want to avoid excess weight gain this Christmas season, but still enjoy yourself without the guilt here are a few tips.

1. Planning – like anything you need to look at your calendar and mark down the social events you are committed to. If it’s a restaurant, look at the menu and pick the best options. Maybe switch your alcohol to sprits to reduce calories. Maybe have just a starter and a main and leave the dessert. Or if you have a sweet tooth opt for a main and a dessert.

You could share a dessert with a friend which halves the calories and allows you to enjoy eating it at the same time.

All you need to do is be mindful, think about it a little more and you can still enjoy your night out without compromising too much on the goal you made.


2.Be Realistic – This time of year is one to celebrate so weight loss may just have to be put on hold for 2 weeks to allow yourself to enjoy the season. If you can’t take time out to indulge a little once a year, then maybe you need to rethink your priorities.

2 weeks of relaxing, indulging and socialising will not undo 12 months of effort and hard work. What it will do is make you happier.

Do away with the guilt and just enjoy the moment and the people you are with.

You have 50 other weeks in the year to work on losing weight.


3.Increase your training – If you know that you will be eating more than try to combat it by increasing your training. It will help keep you in a positive mindset and lessen the guilt you feel from all the parties and food you will consume.


4.Be on it with your meals – Another way to offset the social activities is to eat well around them. Plan your meals so you are spot on and don’t deviate from them. When you can be good be very good. This allows you to enjoy going out and spending time with family and friends – No Guilt.


5.Go walking more everyday – Another good way to increase the calories you burn is to go walking every day – Aim for 10000-15000 steps at least every day over December and January. Walking increases the calories you burn but it doesn’t increase your hunger like other exercise can. If you burn 300 more calories a day from walking on top of what you already do; that’s 2100 kcals more a week you burn which goes a long way to helping you out with the added parties and food.


6.Don’t be on a diet Christmas Day – One sure way to ruin your day and leave you with a whole bunch of guilt is to stick to your calories on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. Is it really that important in the grand scheme of things that you count calories on these days?

Can you eat less on other days to allow yourself to eat more?? YES

Can you forget about weight loss for 2 weeks and just chill out and have fun?? YES

Can you still be sensible and not over indulge and still enjoy yourself?? YES


Don’t burden others with your clean eating ways and perfect calorie intake – let them enjoy the food even if you want to sit there eating food from a Tupperware container.


It’s time to chill out, enjoy yourself but not go too crazy – use the tips above to your advantage that way instead of piling loads of weight on you can maybe stay the same but you will look back on this Christmas and New Year as a great time – GUILT FREE.


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fat loss



You don’t need to worry about being on weight watchers, slimming world, intermittent fasting, a juice detox or any other diet method.

You don’t need to worry about how many carbs you need to lose weight, is breakfast important or not eating too late at night.

You don’t need to go to diet extremes and cut out everything you love.

You don’t have to give up alcohol.

You don’t have to train 5 x a week killing yourself in the gym.

You don’t even have to go on a diet to lose weight.


You just need to follow a few principles and key areas


Successful fat loss and optimal health come from


  1. Being in a calorie deficit

How you create this deficit is down to the individual.

The method of low carb, high carb, fasting etc. is specific to each person and what they prefer.

How you achieve your deficit is up to you but don’t sacrifice your own health to lose weight.

Don’t create too big a deficit as it will leave you with low energy and less strength for training.

Find your optimal deficit where you are losing weight, function well, sleep well, train well and are satisfied by the food you eat.



  1. Sleep

King of recovery is in the quality and quantity of your sleep. If you are eating well and training but struggling to lose weight, then maybe you need to address your sleep.

This is so overlooked as a way to get great results but so so important for fat loss and our overall health.



  1. Increasing your training

Exercise alone won’t cause you to lose loads of weight.

Yes, you will increase your energy expenditure from training and burn more calories, but it can also help with creating a more positive and motivated you.

It will get you fitter, stronger and more confident.

It can help you be more positive and feel in more control of your life.

It can help you to be more mindful of what you’re eating; especially if your trying to lose weight and you’re working hard in the gym.

The benefits of exercise go far beyond just weight loss alone. Look down the road a few years and ask yourself if I can make exercise part of my life where will I be in 2 yrs, 10 yrs etc.

How much better will you be by taking care of yourself now.



  1. Increasing your neat

Your NEAT is Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – in other words it’s the calories you burn when you’re not in the gym or exercising.

If you want to lose weight quicker; you need to move more outside of your training at the gym.

Walk 10000 steps a day or 15000.

Take the stairs or get off the train 1 stop early.

Just move more and increase the calories you burn.



  1. Being consistent

Whatever you decide to do to create a calorie deficit, add to your life in the form of exercise or the healthy habits you create for yourself – stick to it.

Be consistent, give it time to work.

Don’t stress about it just be diligent and do each day what you set out to do and after a month test how you have gone.

If it’s working well then just keep going. Why change it if it’s working.

Trust the process and be patient.



  1. Finding joy in the journey

Smile and smile often, losing weight shouldn’t be boring or a chore all the time. Yes, you have to make changes and create new lifestyle habits and it can be uncomfortable but after a while you adjust. Find joy, find people who understand and can help you along the way, people who make the journey fun and worth it.



  1. Creating healthy habits

The cornerstone of successful weight loss and improved health is developing healthy habits over time. Your relationship with food and how mindful you are of what you eat needs to change.

You can’t follow a strict diet, lose weight then go back to how you ate before you started the diet and expect to keep it off. You have to change your lifestyle and approach to healthy eating; your habits need to change otherwise you will be dieting for the rest of your life.


We start by working on 1 thing at a time. Eg Could be late night snacking, if you have a tendency to over eat at night then you need to work on ways to change this. If it’s that bad, then changing this one habit could be the thing you need to start losing weight. You could opt for lower calorie healthier snacks to replace what you currently have, eat less in the day to allow for some snacks at night or portion out your snacks to keep you in a deficit.

If late night snacking is what leads you to over eat and gain weight over all your other eating habits, then start here. Replace the action of snacking on high calorie, low nutrient food late at night with a healthier, lower calorie portioned option.


This is just one example, but it shows how losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated or boring, it’s about being smarter and changing the big things that will lead to the best results.



  1. Realising there is no quick fix or short cuts

I won’t lie but losing weight can be hard work, it takes daily commitment and time and It involves changing your lifestyle to develop healthy habits.

There is no quick fix, no secret we aren’t telling you – just hard work and a rewarding result at the end of it.



  1. Adherence is key

No matter what you do or how perfect you’re eating plan is if you can’t follow it you won’t lose weight. There is no perfect plan that fits everybody.

The method of your weight loss needs to suit your lifestyle, food choices, likes and dislikes and social life.

If you prefer low carb and you can be consistent doing this then maybe that’s the option for you. Others may prefer higher carbs or opt to eat a balance of carbs and protein.

There is no right or wrong way – just the right way for you.




Our members have nutritional support built into their training memberships that they can access when they need help to stay on track.

Rather than just giving you a cookie cutter meal plan we aim to personalize the nutritional approach to each member.

We keep it simple and use what you’re already doing as a starting point.

You are involved in process and lead the way in terms of what you want to change.

Losing weight will have its ups and downs, it’s never linear and life will always throw us curve balls.

It’s how you react, get back up and keep going that counts.


For more information about our 30-day trial contact us on 07923471006 or

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Not every session is meant to kill you. We think that by punishing ourselves in the gym we will get quicker results. You can do too much interval training.
You can burn yourself out and over train which will stop you achieving your goals, increase your risk of injury and set you back.

It all depends on your goal, level of energy and what is going on in your life. You need to vary your training and build on different areas such as strength, mobility, coordination, strength endurance and general fitness.

We aim to offer a variety of training that provides a balance between high intensity, mobility work, weight training for strength and just fun movements and exercises.
To achieve the long-term goal, you need a program that considers what you need each session and in each season.
How often and hard you train all comes down to how well you recover.
You also have to be aware of your goals, current life situation and what you can handle physically.





You need to keep your training in line with your goals – if it’s an extreme transformation you want then yes you will have to train more and put in more effort than those who just want to lose a bit of weight and feel better in themselves.
You also have to ask yourself are you ready to do that – is your life in balance to allow for such a huge undertaking or will you end of burning yourself out in pursuit of a goal that your lifestyle at present can’t sustain.
You need to look at what is realistic for you and go from there. If you can only fit in 3 sessions a week then that’s all you can do. You just have to make every session count and adjust your goal to fit into what you can do (make it more realistic).



HIIT sessions are great fun but will take you longer to recover from. Instead of training 4 x a week HIIT; break up your training and do all body weights training 2 days a week and 2 days a week HIIT training.
You could also train every other day, which gives you a day’s rest in between in which you can recover.
You could also do an 8-12 week intensive programme then scale it back to allow the body and mind to recover. These are a great way to focus towards a short-term goal.



The older your training age the greater your work capacity and ability to recover from exercise. If your new to training, then you need to see how you feel after a session and see how long it takes you to recover before training again. As you get fitter, stronger and your training age increases you will be able to work at a higher rate and recover quicker.
Be sensitive to what your body is saying and be sensible when it comes to how often you train.



You need to factor in your nutrition, sleep, workload and day to day life
Sleep is so important not only for weight loss and muscle gain but also for optimal health. Sleep is what will get you the results from all your hard work.
Sleep is under rated and Is a low priority for many, but lack of sleep could be setting you back from seeing the results you’re after.

What you eat and how you fuel your body will also drive your training sessions and day to day life. If your diet is bad, then how can you expect your body to respond and give you it’s best when your food intake is substandard.

Work life balance – If work is busy and stressful then it can affect your energy for training. Try to be aware of any upcoming deadlines or an increase is work hours and scale back your training accordingly, so you can still get the most out of it without wearing yourself down.

Look out for signs and symptoms such as always tired after training and a plateau in results. These are red flags that you’re not recovering from your sessions and heading down the path of over training.
Take a week out and rest, it might be what you need to start seeing results again.



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fat loss



You can’t move forward in life by continually looking over your shoulder.

What has happened is gone – you need to shift your focus and concentrate on where you are now.

It doesn’t matter that –

You may have had some bad experiences with other gyms or coaches that turned you off exercise.

You may have a bad relationship with food in the past.

You are looking to get back into training 10 years after having kids.

You may be in a hole and unable to get out and on with your life.


Let go of the guilt and anger and focus on what matters.


What matters is now and what you are going to do about it.


Fat loss aside you need to shift your focus and focus on investing in yourself.

Rediscover who you are, find your passion for life, your energy and get back that desire to want to improve.


Health is a journey that starts with the desire to improve yourself.

You don’t have to have all the answers to start, or be perfect.

You just need the will and want to move forward and get yourself out of the position or situation you find yourself in.


No one can do it for you – but the after effects of you actioning it will effect everyone around you in a positive way.


Take it one day at a time.

Set daily tasks that you know you can achieve.

Be accountable to yourself and start to believe in your own ability to take control of your health.

Get up and get moving.

Take responsibility of where you are now and do something about it.

Be kind to yourself and don’t judge yourself so harshly.

If your food goes off for a day, it doesn’t really matter – you learn from it and make better choices next time.

You may not feel like training but go anyway – exercise will change your mood, lift you up and take you one step closer to where you want to be.


It’s a process – a journey – you learn from your mistakes and grow into a better version of who you are.


We need to stop kidding ourselves and realise –

There are no quick fixes – results take time.

Real results take effort and hard work – consistency is key.

No one can do it for you.

You are responsible for you.

That it all comes down to what you do with your body and what you put in your mouth.



Over time you need to develop healthier habits to sustain you.

You need to be accountable to yourself and stop blaming others.

You need to watch what you eat and how many calories you eat.

You need to start moving and exercising especially as you age.


So less talk, more action.

Take the first step – move forward – stop looking behind you and realise the best is yet to come.


Start today – contact Lisa to book a consultation to learn more about our 30 day Kickstart programme. – designed to get you back into exercise and on your way to a healthy and leaner you.


You are worth it!!

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You spend months training in the lead up to your summer holiday desperately trying to lose the weight you have gained in the past 12 months. You do a great job and now the holiday is over what do you do???

After 13 years in the fitness industry one of the biggest drop offs in training is after summer.

You lose motivation as you were single goal focused.

You quietly slip back into old habits.

You stop going to the gym as much.

You start eating more.

You figure summer is over so you don’t have to try anymore.

You gain what you lost and next year have to start over again


Does this sound familiar??


This approach to exercise while it is good in the lead up to your holiday doesn’t actually lead to ongoing results year in and year out. You stop training only have to repeat the same process next year as you let yourself go.


May I encourage you to see past the short term goal and set goals that will take you past summer and into next year. This summer don’t make the same mistakes.



Imagine if you didn’t have to go on crazy diets and training plans in the lead up to your holiday.

Imagine if you made exercise part of your life all year round.

Imagine how each year you got better and better, lost more weight, kept it off and get even better results.


This year – have a think about what you would like to achieve by Christmas and into the new year?

Think about the strength or fitness goals you may have that will take longer to achieve and switch your focus from just losing weight for holidays.

Start making exercise part of your life, enjoy, work hard, eat well, have a social life and next year you will find that you feel and look better for all your dedication.

If you have lost your motivation to train or you want to get started contact us about our 30 day trial

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Training doesn’t have to be unenjoyable.

Most of the dislike we may have for exercise dates back to old gyms with rows of cardio machines, a weights room full of equipment that you don’t know how to use and a list of classes that require you to be able to move to a beat.


Exercise has changed a lot in the past 10 years – the options available to you have changed even if you haven’t been keeping up.

Our aim is to adapt the training we do to your goals and your starting point. To make it less daunting and more achievable.


The idea of exercise shouldn’t be one of fear or dread. Moving more gives you so many health benefits and will add quality of life. Movement is essential to life.


Exercise doesn’t always need to challenge you – it all depends what you want to get out of it.

More often than not our members are new to training and have never set foot in a gym.

They find a place to call home as we meet you where your at and start there.


We coach you every step of the way and are always there to help you in your journey.

If you want to lose weight then yes you have to challenge yourself; however It can still be hard but not hated!


To get started you need to find people that raise you up and trust me, it gets easier


We always say that it doesn’t matter what your goal is, what point you’re starting at or your level of experience.

The fact you have stepped out and started is a massive win and you can only get better and improve on yourself.


Contact us to come in for a chat about our 30 day trial

Prove to yourself that you can get started again and move forward.

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You can have your cake and eat it!!

personal trainer near me

Over the years my approach to weight loss has changed, having competed in physique comps for 5 years my dieting approach was quite rigid and I only gave advice based off my own experience.


What I have learned these past few years is that the bar I set for members was to high. My focus and drive was too much and they needed a more relaxed approach to healthy eating and training so that they could achieve results and stay the path.

I realized that you don’t have to be super strict and cut out everything you love in order to get results.


In saying that if you want great results then the sacrifice has to reflect that, you can’t put in minimal effort with training and a lousy diet and expect a massive transformation.


This year alone many of our members have achieved a balance between training hard, healthy eating and enjoying meals out. They have lost weight, increased their fitness and regained their health without having to go cut out everything they enjoy – in other words they have found a way to have their cake and eat it.


We encourage hard work and we encourage a relaxed approach to diet, but the more you train the more you can eat/drink. It’s not the normal approach but it’s one we have found works in giving members freedom to choose and to enjoy life.


It’s about finding a balance that works for you, that ultimately leads to you getting the results your after without having to go down the restrictive/fad diet road.


Weight loss isn’t complicated

Just do the basics well (link to doing the basics right)

You don’t have to go on a severely restricted diet

You don’t have to become a recluse – afraid to go out in case that one meal makes you put all the weight on again.

You can have a social life – you just have to make sure you put in the hours of training and healthy eating in and around those areas of your life.

You can eat ice cream and still lose weight – if its balanced and adjusted for in your meals.


For more information on our 30 day Kick Start  or contact us on

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Being on a diet doesn’t have to mean that you can’t have a social life and have fun.

Actually I hate putting people on diets as they just imply misery and restriction.


Balance is key for long term results and yes you will have to make some changes, maybe eat less, maybe eat more vegetables, maybe eat less take away, maybe drink less alcohol – BUT you don’t have to give up everything you love to get results. You just have to be mindful, think ahead and be prepared.


Some tips on how to eat out while losing weight (I don’t want to call it a diet)



If you know where you are eating download the menu

Look at what is available

Identify the leanest options

Look at the meal breakdown

Decide what you will eat ahead of time

Eg Salmon and greens, or steak and veg



Doing this will allow you to eat more calories when your out.

You can also eat less on other days in the week so cater for your night out.

I often give clients a weekly calorie goal and after the weekend whatever is left is their quota for the week. This is quite extreme for some



Don’t over think tracking your food. When you’re out you won’t be able to be 100% accurate and tracking is never perfect. What you will learn over time is the portion sizes, what is in them. Just don’t over indulge too much as more often than not you end up regretting it.



One rule you can use is to be on it with your eating 85% of the time so that you can enjoy social occasions.

Don’t go crazy and eat everything in sight as it may undo your results and normally that’s a sign that your diet is too restrictive and hard to sustain.

I normally opt for a main with wine, or if I fancy a starter I split it with my husband as I don’t really need all of it.

If the meal comes with chips or sauces I just ask for more veg and the sauce/dressing on the side as they can be calorific.

If I want a dessert again I normally split it with my husband or decide do I really want this or am I ok.




Eating out with family and friends should be a fun social activity, don’t be so worried that it will ruin everything. If your prepared, you have planned ahead and know what you want then there is really nothing to worry about. If you don’t go crazy and be mindful of the choices you make throughout the week to allow you to go out guilt free.

Enjoy the night out, enjoy the experience.

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The most common reason I hear for why someone can’t start training is that they can’t afford it, and I understand that sometimes that is the case but more often than not they aren’t ready to make a change or they don’t see the value in exercise at the time.


You don’t need to have a gym membership or train with a personal trainer to exercise. You don’t even need to leave the house.

So regardless of whether you can afford it or not; we all need to look after our health and wellbeing as we age.


Not everyone wants to exercise, laying around doing nothing is far easier than a 60 min training session (I get it).

But the benefits of exercise are huge and they spill out into every area of our lives and go above and beyond just losing weight.


Find the value in investing in your health and fitness – not just on material things.


How much do you spend to look after yourself?


We spend thousands each year on things that make our lives more fun, make us more fashionable, we always have money to go shopping and to restaurants


turn our nose up at the price of a training membership, or the cost of switching to a healthier diet.

Which I might add will provide your life with more quality years to enjoy the things we love.


Our priorities are mixed up and our own health is sometimes at the bottom of the list until you get sick or get some results back from the doctor.


I am not saying you can’t enjoy life and have nice things; but if it comes at the expense of your health was it a wise investment??


Those things can be replaced, but your body can’t.


Maybe look at your spend each month and see how you can cut back in some areas so you have more to invest in a great coach who can help you become healthier and fitter.


Having your health is more rewarding and will do more for the quality of your life than any material thing you can buy.

Without your health, you won’t enjoy it as much or not at all.

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In Australia my favourite chocolate bar is a cherry ripe. They don’t sell them in the UK so have tried my best to recreate a healthier lower calorie version which worked really well.

200g dark choc 70%
50g Rice cereal
40g Salted popcorn
30g Desiccated coconut
100g Dark choc dried cherry mix

Line a square or rectangle cake tin or Pyrex dish with baking paper
Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water
Bottom of bowl not touching the water
In another bowl put the rice crispies, popcorn, coconut and cherry choc mix and stir until combined
Add the melted chocolate to the mix and stir until everything is coated
Put the mix in the lines tray
Cover with cling film and put in the fridge for at least 2 hours
Turn it out onto a board and cut into 20 pieces

Calories total 2064kcals (myfitnesspal)
Carbs 200g
Sugar 122g
Fat 119g
Protein 29g

Per piece 103kcals
Carbs 20g
Sugar 6.1g
Fats 5.95g
Protein 1.45g

healthy recipes, Clean eating, fat losshealthy recipes, clean eating, fat loss